Friday, January 4, 2013

Being a Nurse

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...
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As stated on my blog, i'm a 4th year nursing student in USM Health Campus. Next week is my end posting for this semester. Here i'm glad to share with everyone about my experiences during my clinical posting. You know what, being a nurse is not easy. And I almost give up with everything I faced during my clinical posting. But, fortunately Allah give me strength to continue with patient. And please pray for me so that I can finish another semester after this with flying colors.

Being a nurse need patience. Knowing that I'll further my study in nursing, someone told me that nurses are nasty. At that time, i don't get what he meant. Now I understand, sometimes nurses failed to treat patient nicely and politely.  And when it happen in front of my eyes, I can explain the reason why. Nurses work with pressure everywhere. They (registered nurse) have to finish their works within specific time given. Depending on the hospital, their workloads are different. Sometime they don't even have time to take a break because of the workload. 

When a daughter take care of a paralyze mother, we heard many complaint and sighs, right? Now, can you imagine how a nurse can take care of six patients at the same same time? Let say two patient need bed bath, three patient have wound dressing, two patient need to be fed through nasogastric tube. These are procedures that must be done. But when working with a human being, we cannot expect that it will always run like what we plan. Patients also may B.O. (bowel open) and nurses must clean it immediately. Can you imagine if patient has diarrhea? Plus patients on intravenous therapy, admission and discharge, bed making and other extra works to be completed. 

For me, as a nurse I must work sincerely. I like to take care of the sicks. But the situation sometime give me pressure. With time constraint, and many works to be completed, everyone around will blame you if you are late. Then you have to finish writing report to be passed to the next shift. From my interviews, staff nurses told me that they have to follow regulations without considering their own situation in the clinical area. As a result, they complete the documentation but doesn't satisfied with nursing care that they provided and decrease rapport with patient. 

Being a nursing student means a lot to me.. I'm happy when I can give nursing care to my patient with loves, understand their problems and make them feel comfortable and smile. There is also a lot of tears when being scolded by lecturers, staff nurses, patient and also patient's relatives. Being a nursing student is very challenging to me. It is a good work where we can help many peoples. But we have to fight with our own emotion to keep standing.. InsyaAllah.. 

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