Thursday, December 20, 2012


With the name of Allah the Most Gracious The Most Merciful... 
Salam alaik to all readers...

How's your day? And the most important is, how's your IMAN? My doodle today intended to ask all of you to do some reflection about our life... What i face everyday teach me a lot. From my own experiences, from my observation about my colleague, thinking about everyone around me..these push me to write something. Our attitude come from our 'akhlak' which is built up by strong faith and worship to Allah.

Sometimes, we think that we are good enough and look down on others. It is not a good attitude. Islam teach us to be moderate, do not look down on others. In the Quran, Allah said "And do not turn your face away from people (with pride), nor walk proudly on the earth, Allah does not love the proud and the boastful" [Luqman, 31:18].

For example, if you see beggars in the pavement, please do not easily judge them. I used to hear that these beggars are lazy. They like to ask money from others instead of finding a job. But for me, how far we are sure that they do not try? It is okay if we doesn't want to give them money. But we have no right to say something bad unless we know them and what they faced before. Maybe they tried to find job but nobody want them because of their imperfect condition. As a person who care, we can channel them to a job or at least encourage them to give another try. This is better than judging without trying to help. 

Same goes to Islam missionaries. There are special characteristics that must be built as a nuqaba' and the most important is the characteristic as an educator. If we are judging people instead of helping them, we may cause them to run away. Honestly, as a naqibah (still learning), I can't accept if people looks down on me when I still learn and adapt myself. People may ask how long I need time for adaptation. But actually, it is not about timing. It is about the way they pass the message. I don't like to be forced to do something even though it is good for me, but i might follow if they talk to me nicely. That is why I always say "what you say is not as important as how you say it." 

Sometimes, we feel so down. At that time we may feel that we are not as lucky as others. A Muslim also shouldn't have this kind of thinking. Allah loves us... Allah loves you. If we think that we already did our best, then leave it to Allah. He knows what is good and maybe He Plan something for us... "O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient" [Al-Baqarah, 2:153].

Everyone have their own strength and weakness. However, bad things are usually easy to be seen by others than good things. Once people see your weakness, they will easily tag you with a label. This is a norm of the society. If we take as a very important thing, then we might have problem to continue our life. Just think positive. If it is good, take it. If not, just throw it away. 

Easily to say than to do yeah?

Please know that, I never say it is easy...But believe me, it is not impossible. I'm a perfectionist. And I also is a very sensitive person. I want everything around me run smoothly. I also don't like any misunderstanding or any problem with peoples. Such a childish mind, right? For me, yes, we can hope for that, but the truth is we cannot expect that everything will go like what we want. Whether we accept it or object it. So, now...after everything happen to me, I'm trying to absorb anything as I can or just pretend that everything is okay until I forget it. 

Nothing is impossible when Allah is with us.. 
La tahzan, innallaha ma'ana... 

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